Monday, June 6, 2011

Hiking to Sossego Waterfall

The Ribeirão River has excellent places for bath and relax. The pools known as Ribeirão de Cima, Ribeirão de Baixo e Ribeirão do Meio, roughly Upper, Lower and Middle Ribeirão, are amazing places worth visiting. To reach the Ribeirão do Meio there is a good  trail starting at the Ribeirão neighborhood, just ask for directions or hire a guide if you feel uncomfortable going by yourself. With a natural slide ending in a huge pool, Ribeirão do Meio is a nice place to relax and enjoy the sunset but for me the best waterfall around is further upriver, the Sossego Waterfall.
For sure, if you like to walk, this is one of the best day hikes around Lençóis. If you leave by the morning there is time enough to walk without hurry and to enjoy relaxing by the waterfall. An interesting alternative to the trail is going upriver through the riverbed, from the Ribeirão de Cima Pool to the Sossego Waterfall, a bit harder but very enticing. The lower the water the easier it is to hike upriver. It’s important to watch the weather conditions because there is the danger, mostly in the rainy season, of flash floods which can be very dangerous depending where in the canyon you are.
This hiking is a nice warm up for those planning to make a longer trekking. Part of the course is by trail and the final part is over the stones in the riverbed. The trail to Sossego is easy to visualize, but when crossing over stone ledges watch out. And be aware of the returning time, I think it is a good idea to leave Sossego at most at 14:00 for most people.


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