Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rock climbing at Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil.

The author climbing at the city of Igatú.

In an early post I described, briefly, some rock climbing areas near Lençóis city, Bahia, Brazil. But there are many more options in the region as a whole. The city of Igatú is one of the most promising areas, with countless boulders and lots of routes.

A beautiful route at Igatú, California Waterfall sector

At the Vale do Capão there are some interesting options, the most classic routes so far are at the Riachinho Waterfall. Besides there is the Rapadura sector, with lots of boulders, some routes and a huge potential. 

The author climbing the route Lakshmi, at the Riachinho Waterfall, Vale do Capão, Bahia, Brazil.

So remember, Bahia doesn't mean only beaches and carnival. There are routes for everybody, with or without experience and if you have not the proper gear I can provide for you.