Thursday, January 26, 2012

Capivara Waterfall, at Capivara River, Chapada Diamantina

Capivara Waterfall

The trekking through the canyon of capivara River is one of the classics at Chapada Diamantina. Its possible to start the trail walking from Lençóis, or from the Vale do Capão. Most of the time, people who take this trail are going to the bottom of Fumaça waterfall. But this is not the only attraction, the valley is huge and its walls soar above the river, there are inumerous pools and cascades along the way and among them, one waterfall which is also a perfect camping ground, the Capivara Waterfall. It has a beautiful pool where is possible to jump, being very careful, from the rock ledges around. People usually spent only one night there, in a three days trekking, but for sure this is a place worth staying much more. At least one full day, to rest and really enjoy the experience of being outdoors at Chapada.

Rock ledges above the waterfall, great, from sleeping to bouldering