Rock Climbing

Planned for begginers this is a very enjoyable tour. Notwithstanding if you have some experience there are routes for everybody. The rock is called conglomerate and there is also a very good sandstone. The routes are equipped with two bolts in the end, where we set the anchors for the top rope. This means that while you go up the rope is always holding you from above, so it's impossible to fall. The climbing areas are close to the Primavera and Lençóis Rivers, so it's always possible to have a good bath between climbis and in the end of the tour.

Planejado para iniciantes, é um passeio muito interessante. Se você tem alguma experiência com escalada existem muitas vias, de diferentes graus de dificuldade. A rocha é o conglomerado e um tipo bem firme de arenito (meta-arenito). As vias possuem dois grampos no final onde armamos a corda de cima. Isso significa que à medida que você sobe a corda está sempre lhe segurando de cima, isso quer dizer que não há possibilidade de queda. A área de escalada fica próixima aos rios Lençóis e da Primavera, assim sempre é possível tomar um banho entre as escaladas e no final da atividade.


  1. Tsum Valley Trek

    Tsum Valley Trek is more cultural than adventure as there are no such high himalayas on core area of Tsum. Although there are several other snow capped mountain with inner valley where famous one is Ganesh Himal Base Camp that doesn’t need extra permits. Tsum Valley is divided into upper and lower with Chekampar as belt, which is one small yet stunning village entirely inhabited by local lama people. Tsum Valley Nepal offers some of the historic lama school on border edge where numerous children are gaining Lama education to become monk in near future. Tsum Valley Trek Nepal is best to travel on September to November and from March to May, as it is entirely covered by snow during mid winter and rainy on monsoon.

  2. Upper Dolpo Trek

    Upper Dolpo Trek is probably the best rough terrain in the world that is famously in known as caravan trail toward Tibet. Dolpo Trek need especial permits similar to mustang and it is also worth it. Major highlights of Dolpo Trek Nepal are to wander around Phoksundo Lake and unexplored region of Dolpa, where Dolpa is small portion of Dolpo. Upper Dolpo Trekking is best with camping tribe as in several places there are absence of settlement where setting a camp can be best experience. Dolpo Trek Nepal might last for months long depending on trail chosen whether short trip with domestic flight or trek from Jumla, Dhorpatan or even from Upper Mustang.

  3. Upper Mustang Trek Nepal blog

    Mustang Trek, unique experience of trekking in Nepal on deserted landscape similar to high plateaus of Tibet and Ladakh. Upper Mustang Trek Nepal is vantage trek around trans Himalayan salt trading routes all the way from Kagbeni. Trek start from Jomsom and final destination of trek in Lomangthang so it is often known as Jomsom to Lomangthang Trek. District beyond himalayas, Mustang Nepal is in rain shadow Annapurna and Dhaulagiri so it is rarely accompanied by rainfall. Upper Mustang Trek Lo Manthang used to be separate kingdom, often known as “The last forbidden kingdom”