Thursday, November 24, 2011

Águas Claras Pools and cascades, an easy and beautiful trekking

Some trekkings at Chapada Diamantina are really hard. I wouldn’t recommend, for beginners at least, the three days trail to the bottom of Fumaça Waterfall. But if you want to start trekking or just want a warm up before harder stuff, there are some excellent options here. One of the most beautiful and easily accessed places is the pools and cascades of the Águas Claras (which means literally, Clear Waters). Surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, with the Morrão Hill at the background, this place is really worth a visit. One can make it in one day or can spend two or three days there, then it’s possible to walk to the summit of Morrão or to the Morro dos Cristais. The access to the pools and camping ground is really easy. It’s possible to arrive there without going uphill at all. So if you are not in perfect shape or are not an outdoor ace, but want to enjoy a pleasant walk, beautiful landscape and refreshing baths the Águas Claras is the place for you. 

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