Monday, June 27, 2011

An easy trekking for beginners at Chapada Diamantina

This is a beautiful and easy trekking which can be made in one or two days. The trail crosses some typical landscape types from Chapada, like Campos Gerais (kind of grasslands) and river valleys. It’s possible to swim at a couple of pools and at small but beautiful waterfalls along the day and most of the way is downhill. The first part goes through some grasslands with a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and reach the beautiful pools of Águas Claras, near the Morrão Hill. To make the summit of Morrão it would be good to camp there, at Águas Claras.  There is a good camping ground at the pools, but sometimes there is too many people there, like at popular holidays, and then is better to avoid going there at all. From there the trail leads to the valley of Ribeirão River, through which the trails goes for some hours of pleasant walk. Usually we stop by a pool at Ribeirão River to relax and swim before continuing to Lençóis. And if it’s the case of camping, the best place to sleep in the whole trail, in my opinion at least, is under a big stone ledge close to this pool. There is water, very close to the ledge, at least most time of the year, and the view of the valley from there is astonishing. Following, the trail continues through the valley until crossing a ridge to the left. The next and last part is going down the Serra do Grisante until Lençóis. Just at the start of the downward trail it’s possible to refresh at a small waterfall before finishing this hike at Lençóis. It’s also possible to make the summit of Pai Inácio Hill, but if you have no car it will add some hours to the hiking. Overall, this trail is a very good warm up to start walking through the Chapada. Maybe is a good idea for beginners to make it before adventuring in more long and demanding trekking tours. More photos are available at the link: Trekking from Pai Inácio Hill to Lençóis


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