Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Devil's Pool

Among the most accessible waterfalls at Chapada Diamantina, the Devil’s Pool Waterfall, at the Mucugezinho River, is one of the most visited places around Lençóis. It is located nearby a paved federal road, only half an hour driving from Lençóis. But the easiness of access has its drawbacks, at holidays and at the high touristic season the place is quite crowded, which could spoil the pleasure of being there. But if one is not bothered by early waking, not that early I must assure, it’s possible to enjoy the pool with nobody around. Most of the tourists are wont to arrive at the pool around 10:00 am, so if you manage to arrive a bit earlier you will have all the peace you deserve in a place like that. To reach the pool there is a trail and people usually take around 10 minutes, or less, to arrive there. The Devil’s Pool is a good option for relaxing after more demanding trekking through the Chapada and can be visited along with other places like the Águas Claras Pools or the Pai Inácio Hill, making a pleasant outdoor day tour.

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